Tips for creating a playlist for your event

We get a lot of questions regarding playlists and here is our FAQs in helping you select music for your night. 


Q. Do I need to create a playlist? 

We have a large library of music and we are very skilled in ensuring you and your guests have the best day, but if you would like to create a playlist, that is absolutely fine. You can create a playlist with a few of your favourite songs or create the entire music for the event. We can work with either scenario. 



Q. Can I provide a music playlist using Spotify or other music services? 

A. Sure, These services are a great place to find music for your event and we can accomodate all services, we would recommend using - Spotify, Tidal or Apple music. We don't recommend YouTube as it can be a service where music isn't of the best quality. 



Q. How many songs do you recommend for the playlists?

A. When it comes to playlists, we can only guarantee songs that are played during the duration of your event, so for example we recommend that you create a 5 hour playlist for a 5 hour function. 

In saying this, you can create a playlist that is longer than your event, but you need to understand that some songs won't be played due to time constraints. 


Q. What is the best way to create the playlists and how do I share them with you? 

A. As you can imagine, we get a lot of people sending us their playlists and if they are named with a generic "Wedding playlist" or "Dance music", it can be easy for us to not know which is yours.


Ideally the best way to create your playlist is to name the playlist with your date of your event and your name. 


You can do this in many ways... 

"25/9 - John & Mary Wedding Music" 

"25/9 - John & Mary - Main Songs" 

"25/9 - John & Mary - Dinner Music" 

"25/9 - John & Mary - Dance Music" 


You can provide us one playlist or many, all we require is a link from the music services and we gain access. 

If you need assistance, we can help you with working on this. 


Q. Will you be playing the actual songs from the playlist? 

While these services are fantastic for personal listening, they are not designed for DJing. We will be using actual songs from these service, but we have a large library of paid music that is the exact copies of these songs. These will also be used on the night to help with mixing music.